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Mission, Vision, Values, Aims & Objects


Sharing knowledge to restore and conserve Bkejwanong's ecosystems for everyone's benefit.


Maintain our relationships with the land and each other.


  • Building community vision

  • Fostering lifelong learning

  • Teaching through our actions

  • Respecting others

Aims & Objects

  1. To protect areas of ecological value in order to ensure that protection of plants and animals to maintain ecological systems for the benefit of this and future generations;

  2. To protect, maintain and enhance lands and waters of importance to the quality of the human and natural environment;

  3. To protect lands of recognized significance for their agricultural value, cultural value or scenic beauty;

  4. To implement conservation practices on lands under the Land Trust’s management;

  5. To educate and train the public about land stewardship;

  6. To conduct research on conservation and land stewardship and to publish and disseminate the research results;

  7. To obtain money by way of gift or otherwise to accept, hold, sell, or administer funds, gifts, legacies, benefits to property of any sort, without limitation as to amount, value or source, and to use the income or any part of the principal of the funds of the Land Trust; and

  8. To do all things incidental and ancillary to achieving the objects and exercising the powers of the Land Trust

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