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The Beginnings of the Walpole Island Land Trust

To put it simply, the Walpole Island Land Trust was born out of the desire to make sure that our legacy to the future is something that we and they can be proud of. We want the children of the future to be able to say "Wow! They were really thinking of us!" Not "What were they thinking?!"
The initial work to establish the Land Trust began in 2005. Don Gordon, of the Thames Talbot Land Trust, was instrumental in helping us develop the Land Trust and applying for incorporation and charitable status. We received financial support from Environment Canada's Aboriginal Capacity Building Fund and more recently from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.
The Walpole Island Land Trust received official notice of charitable registration at the end of August 2008.
Any member of Walpole Island First Nation who is interested in conserving lands for future generations is eligible to be a voting member of the Land Trust. Non-band members may become associate members.

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